Boat Lift Maintenance

Our bi-annual boat lift maintenance service is designed to keep your boat lift in premium operating condition. We understand how frustrating it can be when you want to put your boat in the water and the motors just hum, or the shafts squeak and then seize, or you turn your switch to lower the boat and nothing happens!

Without John’s Electric Motor’s boat lift service, we come to your location twice annually and service your lift to ensure your lift is ready when you are. We check the switches, current, belts, pulley’s, lift cables, all mounting hardware, covers and grease all fittings.

Any item that does not pass inspection or appears questionable we inform you about immediately. Boat lifts that are properly maintained are more reliable and last far longer than the one’s that sit for extended periods of time.
If you’re out of town for six months of the year or are taking an extended vacation we can help keep your lift working with monthly visits to inspect and most importantly, run the lift to keep all parts moving and the grease evenly distributed.

Don’t let your boat lift sit, it’s far more expensive to fix than to maintain. Let John’s Electric Motors Marine Division help you keep your lift in tip-top condition